Q. What is duty of care?

A. In terms of business traveler tracking for corporate compliance, duty of care is the responsibility of an employer to ensure the safety of its employees when they travel for work. This may be a moral obligation, a legal obligation, or both, depending on your organization’s corporate locations.

Q. Why should I care?

Almost all corporations today have a growing population of mobile employees. On any given day, there may be hundreds, or even thousands, of employees traveling and working outside of their home location. It has become impossible to know the location of all employees daily, without some type of traveler tracking technology and reporting process.

Q. Who provides traveler duty of care services?

One place to look for a duty of care solution is your travel management company (TMC). A TMC may employ the technology required to track your business travelers in real-time. They may also be able to assist with evacuations and safety operations in case of any emergencies in host countries.

Need help finding a duty of care solution?

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