A few of the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers, regarding traveler tracking for corporate compliance:

How do you track travelers?

Our traveler tracking services leverage proprietary technology to process your company’s existing travel data. We are able to assess your organization’s historic travel data (for whatever time period you want to look back to) and process new travel by your employees on a go-forward basis.

What if travelers cancel or update their travel bookings?

We implement sophisticated checks and balances to determine if travel bookings have been canceled or updated. Accordingly, tracking data is automatically updated to reflect changes to employee itineraries.

If a traveler cancels or changes their trip and that information is not relayed to the company’s travel system, and that traveler is amongst the population of travelers that may require employer action, Blackspark’s services include communication and controls for the traveler to review and sign-off on their travel details before anything is processed for tax purposes.

Do we need to deploy an application for our travelers to install on their mobile devices?

No. Our services are performed by leveraging your back-end travel systems and data. There is no need to deploy and support a mobile tracking app for your entire employee population, the majority of whom will not require employer payroll or tax compliance action.

What does Blackspark do with the traveler tracking data?

Blackspark’s services analyze data against policies and thresholds tailored for the organization, to identify:

  • U.S. based employees who require multi-state employer payroll withholding: 

    We execute technical payroll analysis, alert and verify data with employees and deliver payroll wage allocation reports in a format that supports your organization’s existing U.S. payroll system and tax service provider.

  • Global employees with international travel requiring employer payroll and/or tax reporting: 

    We alert and verify data with employees and deliver wage allocation and treaty based reports in the format required by your organization’s external tax service provider and internal global mobility/HR team.

  • Patterns of travel that could present corporate tax risk for your organization: 

    We deliver high-value dashboards to internal stakeholders and your organization’s external tax service provider.

Have more questions?

We’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Feel free to contact us.

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