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At Blackspark, we help customers address compliance issues arising from traveling employees in a global business environment.

7 Reasons Why Canada Is Being Called “Silicon Valley North”

Big things are happening in the Canadian technology scene and the country is garnering attention at an increasing rate. More and more, we are hearing Canada being referred to as “Silicon Valley North” and being featured as a hotbed of tech startup activity. Based in Toronto, Blackspark is a Canadian [...]

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Hear from Blackspark Customers at Concur Fusion

Those of you attending Concur Fusion 2016 will have the opportunity to hear first-hand from two Blackspark customers. Make sure to add the following sessions to your conference agenda: CON2 - Give Me a (Tax) Break Featuring Kiel Mahlsted from McGraw Hill Education and Lindsay Kelleher from Vanguard Wednesday [...]

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Quick Q&A: What is Nonresident State Employer Withholding?

Q. What is Nonresident State Employer Withholding? Employers that have nexus (tax connection) in multiple U.S. states for payroll purposes have an obligation to withhold state tax as required in those states. Typically withholding is carried out by payroll for employees living (and working) in those states. However, these state [...]

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Traveler Tracking FAQ

A few of the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers, regarding traveler tracking for corporate compliance: How do you track travelers? Our traveler tracking services leverage proprietary technology to process your company’s existing travel data. We are able to assess your organization’s historic travel data (for whatever time period [...]

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Quick Q&A: What is Nonresident Withholding?

Q. What is Nonresident Withholding? As an employer, if you have employees that work outside of their home state or country, you have an obligation to remit income tax withholding and report wages for the various locations in which they visit and conduct business. Each country and state has its own nonresident [...]

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Quick Q&A: What is Concur?

Q. What is Concur? Concur is an industry leading business travel and expense management solution. Companies around the world use Concur to automate expense reporting, gain visibility into financial spend and enable their employees to book business travel trips efficiently. Q. Why should I care? If you are tracking your [...]

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Quick Q&A: What is duty of care?

Q. What is duty of care? A. In terms of business traveler tracking for corporate compliance, duty of care is the responsibility of an employer to ensure the safety of its employees when they travel for work. This may be a moral obligation, a legal obligation, or both, depending on [...]

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Travel Trackers for Enterprise – Compare Solutions

There are a growing number of travel trackers for enterprise. Reasons to track the travel of your employees include duty of care, payroll compliance, executive compensation and immigration. However, the best travel tracker for the job may be a difficult question to answer, as each method has its advantages and [...]

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Traveler Tracking Using Concur

In the modern global business environment, there are many reasons why traveler tracking has become an essential process. For medium and large-sized companies, the growing list of compliance and duty of care obligations is too costly to ignore. That said, implementing an effective traveler tracking system can be daunting due [...]

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