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It takes people and technology to do this job right.

Since 2011, Blackspark has been helping customers reduce audit risk, by implementing internal controls for accurate compensation allocation required due to business travel. Our clients are primarily large corporations, but we also provide compliance services directly to smaller organizations with multi-state travel and withholding risks. Leveraging our proprietary technology, we are focused on delivering services with maximum speed, efficiency and accuracy. In addition to mitigating risks, we replace existing cumbersome and manual processes with effective automation. Therefore, we frequently engage clients at a fraction of the cost of their existing tax services provider.

Why Now?

Things are moving quickly. The volume of business travel by employers increases year over year, as they seek to grow their share of the global economic pie. But governments want their slice, too. A complex web of payroll and tax regulations govern where, when and to what extent an employer is required to perform non-resident withholding on behalf of their traveling employees and executives. Not only internationally, but from state to state inside the United States, too.

The accelerating audit activity by tax authorities means the financial risks of non-compliance are growing. The risks include not only failure to withhold penalties, but corporate reputational risk, too. Which means somebody is going to have to do the necessary work to address these issues.

Don’t get left behind.

At Blackspark, our objective is to help you eliminate audit risk with minimal impact to your existing business operations. We are already doing exactly that for some of the world’s largest companies. From determining your current level of financial risk, to tracking your extended business travelers and generating wage allocation data, we systematically address each pain point of the specific challenges facing your organization. We’ll even help craft your policy and support communication to any traveling employees that may be affected. We provide everything you need to keep pushing ahead, without worrying about what’s behind you.


Blackspark is led by seasoned veterans of corporate compliance and high technology. We are passionate about business process innovation and take pride in delivering high-quality enterprise services for our customers.

Ray Tavares
Ray TavaresCEO
As CEO at Blackspark, Ray Tavares is responsible for strategic oversight, as well as ongoing corporate operations. Ray is a veteran of the high technology industry, with a successful track record of growing innovative organizations. Prior to co-founding Blackspark, Ray co-founded Epoch Integration, an enterprise wireless company that helped customers manage their widespread mobile handheld deployments and infrastructure. Serving as President & CEO and Director of Marketing, Ray helped grow the company to hundreds of customer organizations and secured its position as the dominant leader in a highly competitive industry. This success culminated in the sale of Epoch Integration to BlackBerry in 2006. Ray is a graduate of the Ivey Business School at Western University, a husband, a father and an avid fan of motorsports.
Vic Arora
Vic AroraManaging Director, Client Services
Vic Arora oversees all client services at Blackspark. Vic has extensive experience in both global mobility tax and enterprise technology automation.  Vic qualified as a Canadian Chartered Accountant in 1997 with Ernst & Young where he was a member of the Human Capital practice.  At Ernst & Young, Vic worked with clients on tax related aspects of employee movement including coordination of tax compliance, compensation reporting, and tax planning.  In 2001, Vic left Ernst & Young to co-found Epoch Integration Inc., an enterprise wireless company whose success led to its to acquisition by BlackBerry (formerly Research In Motion) in 2006.  Subsequent to the sale of Epoch, Vic served as consultant to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ International Assignment Services practice before co-founding Blackspark Corporation.
Charles Baptiste
Charles BaptisteChief Technology Officer
Charles Baptiste is responsible for technology strategy, research and development at Blackspark.  Charles is a seasoned technologist, having spent the majority of his career in software development and management positions at innovative, high-tech companies.  Before joining Blackspark, he most recently lead a development team at BlackBerry (formerly Research In Motion), responsible for various components of the widely deployed BlackBerry Enterprise Server architecture.  Prior to his position at BlackBerry, Charles was the Director of Software Development at Epoch Integration.
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