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Travel tracker solutions have become critical for corporate compliance

In today’s global business environment, it has become imperative for employers to know exactly where their employees are, physically, at any given time. Mandates for implementing a travel tracker solution include:
  • Duty of Care: Employers have a legal responsibility to protect employees from risk, which extends to corporate traveler tracking systems. Specifically, employers must show they have taken reasonable steps to mitigate risks to their employees’ health, safety and security while they are on business-related trips.
  • Payroll Compliance: Corporations are also responsible for making sure income taxes are reported and paid accurately, on behalf of employees, in the various locations in which employees work. This is both an international and domestic issue, as U.S. tax obligations spread across federal, state and even local boundaries.

Travel Tracker

  • Executive Compensation: Tax mobility is a primary concern for stock plan administrators in a global company environment. Compliance means having a system that can effectively track mobile tax obligations of the equity compensation plan to avoid unnecessary and costly penalties.
  • Immigration: Rules surrounding immigration can lead to inconvenient, costly and even embarrassing interruptions to business operations when employees are denied entry to foreign jurisdictions. Companies are leveraging traveler tracking technologies to stay ahead of work visas and mitigate these risks.

We couldn’t find a travel tracker that met our requirements. So we built our own.

Blackspark’s services leverage proprietary technology designed specifically to solve difficult compliance problems. Travelling employees create a challenging environment for existing HR systems, which have limited understanding of factors such as trip history and tax legislation by location. Gaining a clear compliance picture for our customers means we are continually evolving our industry-leading platform, staying abreast of new problems as the global compliance environment changes.

Some of the unique capabilities our traveler tracking platform provides:

  • Automate processing of travel details for thousands of employees
  • Maintain travel history of each employee
  • Allow employees to sign-off on accuracy of trips
  • Export payroll sourcing reports
  • Comprehensive security and privacy certification including ISO 27001 and SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 SOC1, SOC 2, SOC 3

To learn more about how travel tracker solutions from Blackspark can help your corporate compliance, contact us.

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