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How we achieve Global Mobility Greatness:

Assignment Tracking

Blackspark Assignment Manager (BAM) is the industry’s most flexible and robust global mobility software. Built to run on the Salesforce platform, it is easily customizable to fit the nuances of your organization, connects to virtually any enterprise system, and also serves as the backbone for Blackspark’s global mobility services.

Cost Estimates

In order to make sound business decisions, finance, payroll, and HR teams depend on mobility assignment cost estimates that are easy to understand, evaluate and adjust for different scenarios. With Blackspark, this doesn’t require a massive up-front investment in technology and training, or the cost and delay of dealing with the organization’s tax service provider. In 2019, getting a cost estimate should be as easy as ordering a pizza online… click, click, BAM.

Pre-Departure Tax Consultation

Typically, pre-departure tax consultations provide an assignee with a meeting with the organization’s global mobility tax service provider - generally carried out by a junior staff member and resulting in no tangible deliverable for the organization. If the objective is to provide comfort and clarity for the assignee, we think they should get something better. At Blackspark, the assignee still receives a live consult with a senior tax expert. But, prior to the consult, the assignee receives a personalized report, detailing the benefits the organization is providing for them, along with a layman’s explanation of their after-tax cash flow and the impact to their wealth. The report is automatically updated for the assignee over the course of their assignment and includes answers to the questions the assignee will likely have.

Compensation Collection & Reporting

Over the course of an assignment, the organization’s finance team, in concert with their existing payroll and/or external tax service providers, manages the compensation reporting required in respect of the company’s assignees. Typically, this exercise is either a lot of work, a lot of cost, or, in the worst cases, both. Ideally, this process should be automated, by simply leveraging the data already contained within the organization’s system. Blackspark reporting eliminates manual efforts and reduces the associated costs of completing this task.

Tax Equalization / Tax Protection

Tax equalization or tax protection calculations are typically prepared by the organization’s external tax service provider. Usually, this means assignees have to wait for their personal income tax returns to be completed (and, ultimately knowing what their personal income tax cost for the year was). Unfortunately, tax return filings can be delayed, personal income tax withholdings can be misallocated and hypothetical tax calculations can have issues. Therefore, assignees and the organization, after waiting for some time, can get negative surprises. Blackspark is re-engineering this process so that unwanted delays and surprises are a thing of the past.

Business Traveler Tracking

Organizations contemplating business traveler tracking and the potential knock-on effects of business traveler payroll and tax compliance, have successfully engaged Blackspark. Blackspark provides a risk analysis service for employer wage reporting and tax withholding, resulting in a detailed executive summary report that can be used to support a go/no go decision. For clients that proceed with addressing their risk, Blackspark implements a completely automated tracking and wage allocation system.

Ad-Hoc Analysis

Unplanned or potential events can occur over the course of an assignment, or after an assignment, which result in costs that the organization would like to understand. Blackspark technology allows such scenarios to be quickly modeled, so the organization may assess the implications in a timely and cost-effective manner.