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41 of the 50 U.S. states tax nonresident business travelers.

Are you tracking employees traveling to states where payroll withholding is required?
Do you have the data needed to source their compensation accurately?
How prepared are you to respond to a nonresident withholding state tax audit?

We can help.


borderFile: Execute. Be Compliant.

The industry’s leading solution for international and multi-state payroll compliance. Everything you need to get compliant and stay that way.Learn More

“The reports and user interface, especially the dashboard displays, showed me that Blackspark really considered how executives will consume this data.  An effective tool must be able to present a picture of exposure within five minutes of looking at it.  Out of the various products I had seen, only borderFile did that.”
Lynette Stolarzyk, Cliffs Natural Resources

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Slaying a U.S. Payroll Beast (PART 2)

Welcome, back! In PART 1, we learned all about the beast known as payroll compliance for business travelers – where he came from, how big he is, etc.  Now it’s time to show him who’s boss!
Our Mission:

To execute multi-jurisdictional payroll withholding across states comprised of the employee’s home state […]

Slaying a U.S. Payroll Beast (PART 1)

The number of payroll compliance requirements that a U.S. company faces is literally staggering. For folks on the payroll front lines, this is a reality known – and expected not to change. As a result, these generals and soldiers are constantly monitoring, innovating and triaging to drive efficiencies while […]

Multi-State Taxation: A headache in need of relief.

In 2010, The New York Times published an article about multi-state taxation and highlighted the following:
“Anyone who crosses a state border for work – to make a sales call, say, or to meet with a client or do a road show on Wall Street – probably owes income taxes […]