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“I need more work to do.”

(Said no executive, ever.)

Which is why, if you are reading this, it is probably because you have business traveler tracking and tax issues. Or, at least, you suspect that your company might. Why? Because a complex web of payroll and tax regulations govern where, when and to what extent an employer is required to perform non-resident withholding on behalf of their traveling employees. Not only internationally, but from state to state inside the United States, too.

The increasing audit activity by tax authorities means the financial risks of non-compliance are growing. Which means somebody is going to have to do the necessary work to address these issues. Ugh.

We can help.

At Blackspark, our objective is to help you address these issues with minimal impact to your existing business operations. We are already doing exactly that for some of the world’s largest companies. From determining your existing level of financial risk, to tracking your short term business travelers and generating wage allocation data, we systematically address each pain point of the specific challenges facing your organization. We’ll even help craft your policy and support communication to any traveling employees that may be affected.
“I didn’t believe it when I heard it would be quick to deploy. But it was so easy to plug in. We were immediately up and running after just 20 minutes on the phone.”
Shivani Bhatia, McGraw Hill Education

“How can I address what I can’t measure?”

(We do that, too.)

Not sure where to start? Let us conduct a historic analysis of your employee travel patterns and business operations. We’ll come back with a full assessment of your existing risk and priorities. Our proprietary technology enables a quick and painless process, with no need to bother your business travelers. We’ll provide recommendations in an executive-friendly format. If you have material risks, you’ll be equipped to further the discussion internally and form a plan of action.
“The reports and user interface, especially the dashboard displays, showed me that Blackspark really considered how executives will consume this data. An effective tool must be able to present a picture of exposure within five minutes of looking at it. Out of the various products I had seen, only borderFile did that.”
Lynette Stolarzyk, Cliffs Natural Resources

What we do.

Our services:

Historic Analysis & Priorities

An assessment of historic employee travel patterns and business operations to determine existing risks and compliance priorities.

U.S. State to State Tracking and Wage Allocation

Reporting service to track U.S. domestic movement of employees for non-resident state payroll compliance.

Global Tracking for International Payroll Compliance

Reporting service for tracking international business travel for payroll compliance.

Tracking & Wage Allocation for Equity Compensation

Tracking and reporting of employee movement for equity compensation payroll withholding compliance.

LEARN MORE about our Services.

A partner you can trust.

To get the job done, right.

Our team has extensive experience in global mobility tax, compensation reporting and compliance. But, you can find an expert anywhere. What makes us different is our commitment to efficiency. We couldn’t find technology good enough to do the job properly, so we built our own. We believe in delivering a superior service that is based on tangible improvements in process, not consulting-speak. Our customers choose us because we do the work better, faster, and more cost-effectively.
Get in touch to learn more about how we can help resolve your business traveler tax issues. We’ll respond quickly and give you everything you need to evaluate and make an informed decision.

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