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Still conquer the world.

Manage the compliance issues of traveling employees using the world’s #1 Mobility Compliance Platform.

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Best practice makes  perfect.

Informed Policy Design

No need to re-invent the wheel – we’ve already answered the tough questions for the world’s largest companies. Which locations to care about, which employees pose a risk? What thresholds to use? Guidance for an effective compliance policy is included with every client implementation.

“The reports and user interface, especially the dashboard displays, showed me that Blackspark really considered how executives will consume this data. An effective tool must be able to present a picture of exposure within five minutes of looking at it. Out of the various products I had seen, only Blackspark did that.”

Lynette Stolarzyk, Cliffs

End to end. To end.

We do it all.

Travel Tracking and Analysis. And Allocation.

We’ll admit, automating global travel tracking and analysis for thousands of employees was a pretty good start. But our clients wanted us to go further. Now we allocate multiple types of compensation, over any time period. Of course we automated that, too.

“Look Ma, no timesheets!”

90% of employees may never trip a threshold. So why bother them?

No-Touch Data Capture

We get it. The last thing our clients want to force on their employees is another time tracking application or GPS tracker. That’s why we designed our platform to operate silently, in the background. The vast majority of employees will never even know we exist. If we need their input, we’ll ask. Nicely.

Do your diligence.

This is enterprise stuff.

Purpose-built. Reliable. Secure.

When it comes to performance and security, we don’t take any chances. Our technology is a true enterprise-class solution in use at large clients with stringent standards.  So we are fluent in I.T., Cyber and InfoSec. Plus English and French, but who’s counting.

Let’s get started.

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