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Your job is managing the complete assignment lifecycle.  Our job is to help you do just that.

The reality is that your global mobility program is a complex environment, requiring your team to work across areas such as policy design, assignment cost, approvals, offer letters, immigration, relocation and payroll coordination and international tax compliance. Whew! That’s a lot to juggle.

What would you say if we could make things…



Zero training. That’s our goal. What good is software if only one or two people know how to use it, or it takes months to on-board? We believe technology should guide you through the steps to perform the work you already do - without you having to learn a new way to do it.



Get in, get out. Hitting your milestones means moving forward without extra overhead. Manage any process and be ready to address any challenge from the simple to the complex with total ease. Flow-based design means getting things done, and moving on.


cost effective.

The result? A global mobility management solution that is easier to implement and easier to adopt. Say goodbye to endless checklists and useless meetings. That equals lower costs for everyone involved - making this an incredible value-add for your organization.



Good things happen when the work flows.

We believe that great technology should remove complication from complex challenges - not add to them.


Discover your super powers.

All of your global mobility workflows. Automated. Why work harder when you can work smarter? Manage and deliver a successful global mobility program by increasing your productivity while saving you from your kryptonite - wasted time.


Vanquish your arch enemy manual entry, and its evil sidekick - mistakes.

You’re only human. Reduce errors by removing the need for manual entry tasks.


Be the master of your universe.

Assignee profiles, approvals, offer letters, supporting documents… all in one place. All of your admin tasks for all assignments, tracked and up-to-date.


Be a captain of communication.

Assignee, team and service provider notifications at the touch of a button. Now, this is how to communicate.


user experience

Simple, intuitive and streamlined design.


Easy does it.

Flow through the entire assignment lifecycle in a single user interface.


Effortless messaging.

Keep assignees informed with in-app communications.


Enjoy the big picture.

See the current status of every assignment.


About us

Welcome to the new era of Global Mobility Management.

Industry research projects the mean number of international employee assignments to increase by 50% in 2020, over the preceding decade. For HR and global mobility managers, that’s a lot more activity to track. For Finance, that’s a lot more cost to control.

Smart technology helps multinational and global businesses stay ahead of the issues, so that nothing gets in the way of their growth. That’s why we exist.


Our Story

We build modern and delightful technology for enterprise customers. It’s what we’ve always done.

Our Vision

Continuous innovation drives positive ROI. We innovate to enable clients to drive their business forward

Our Technology

Manual is error-prone and expensive. Automated is more accurate and cost effective.


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